When you're a new parent, a nappy bag is essential to carry all the things you need and 'just in case' you need for your baby. Below are things you want to look for in a nappy bag:

  • Size and capacity - babies are small, but they do need a lot of things, especially when you are out and about. When you're a parent of multiple babies, this matters as you don't want to be carrying more than one bag.
  • Weight - since you'll be carrying a lot of things, the nappy bag should be lightweight so it's not heavy even before you start packing things in. 
  • Easy to clean - let's face it, babies are messy. So you'd want a nappy bag that can be easy to clean with just a wet wipe or safe to wash in a washing machine.
  • Compartments/pockets - how many compartments or pockets does the bag have? Trus us, you'll want lots! 
  • Style - who is it for? Will it be used by both Mum and Dad? If yes, then you'd want to go for a unisex look.

At Angel Maternity, we have two nappy bags on offer: nappy backpack and nappy tote bag. Both bags are made of neoprene, so they are lightweight, durable and waterproof nappy bags. They both come with their own washable cushioned change mat, removal organiser/pouch, plenty of compartments and pockets, and the backpack comes with a stroller attachment. The nappy backpack especially is great for both mums and dads with its unisex colour and design. 

Both nappy backpack and nappy tote bags are spacious. Don't believe us? Watch Andrea, our Castle Hill store manager, demonstrate how much she can fit into our Angel Maternity unisex nappy backpack.

Want to know more? Click View Bag on the bags below. Hopefully we have helped you decide on which nappy bag to get!


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