Not sure how to choose maternity bottoms for your pregnancy? Let us help you choose the most comfortable maternity bottoms. We go through our collection so you know what to look for in maternity bottoms.

We all know that pregnancy can get pretty uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to tie your shoes, pick things up off the floor and it can be nearly impossible to get comfortable when trying to sleep. This is why it is so important to be comfortable in your clothes. It’s for that reason Angel Maternity has an amazing range of comfortable maternity bottoms to choose from. We have put together a list of essential maternity bottoms every expecting mother needs. 

Jeans - Maternity Bottoms

Everyone needs a pair of jeans in their wardrobe and Angel Maternity has a style to suit everyone. If you are looking for an amazingly comfortable pair of jeans then the Maternity Comfortable Stretch Slim Jeans are the jeans for you, and they come in the option of Navy or Black. As you progress in your pregnancy support for your ever-growing bump becomes essential. The Maternity Over The Bump High Waist Slim Denim Jeans has a wide elasticated waistband to accommodate your bump and offer support. 

Casual Comfort - Maternity Bottoms 

Growing a human can be exhausting and you may find yourself spending some extra time lounging around the house to rest those sore tired feet. The Maternity Comfortable Lounge Pants are the ultimate loungewear. They feature a wide comfortable stretch waistband that can be worn over your belly and will grow with you for the perfect fit. Plus they are available in bamboo in either Black or Dark Ink Navy

Work Wear  - Maternity Bottoms

When pregnant it can be difficult to keep things at work running as smoothly as before. Between dealing with exhaustion from sleepless nights to wanting to throw up because your co-worker has a tuna salad for lunch. At least looking professional while being comfortable won’t be an issue. Angel Maternity has a range of suitable maternity bottoms for work with the best selling being the Maternity Fitted Work Pants in Black. With a truly flattering style of straight-leg shape and a soft high waistband, they are a stunning piece to any work outfit. If you are looking for a less fitted style of work pants then the Maternity Straight Cut Ponti Pants, available in Navy or Black, are a crowd favourite. With the crisp cut of these semi-tailored pants making them a staple for any maternity wardrobe, they can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. 

Postnatal - Maternity Bottoms 

Let’s face it, once you give birth it can take a little while before you're back to feeling like your old self, if you do at all. Our bodies go through the most amazing changes during pregnancy and that doesn't change back overnight. The Postnatal Tummy Tight Control Legging, in 3/4 length or full length, has a tummy-control support band that slims and shapes the waist and helps flatten the stomach area and muffin top. These leggings do all this while offering an amazing fit and support with no feeling of restriction.  

So before you go out and buy all the things you need for baby , make sure and get yourself sorted too. You will be putting your babies’ needs before your own for years to come, at least make sure you're comfortable during your pregnancy. Also, don’t forget that Angel Maternity has an amazing range of maternity tops to go with all styles of maternity bottoms.
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