Maternity Fitted Work Pants in Black



28" length maternity pants from Angel Maternity.

Straight leg shape with a soft high waistband for comfort throughout your pregnancy. A flattering style and best seller. 

Fabric: 75.3% Nylon 15% Viscose 9.7% Spandex

Style No. 9056B

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rita El
Love the fit

Love the way they fit around the legs but unfortunately I had the same problem as a few - they tend to keep falling down and have to be readjusted which can be very annoying.

Rafif Alrayess
Maternity work pants

Comfortable and size good but has a problem that keep falling down and I have to keep pull them up all the time.


Comfortable but despite getting a size smaller than usual I'm finding I have to pull them up every 10 steps as they keep falling down. I went for a small as I'm usually a size 10 and I'm all belly at the moment. Hopefully as bump grows it will help hold them up a bit more.
Otherwise I would recommend, they wash well and are comfortable around the bump :)

Brooke Gorman

Good quality but would definitely recommend sizing down. I bought a Medium (generally size 12) and they are too big and falling down

Lizah Daniels

They are very comfortable but fall down abit because they are a touch big around belly at the moment. I bought same size per pregnancy.