Looking for a nappy bag? There are so many out there so we thought we'll share the thought process that we've adhered to in designing and creating our nappy backpack and tote bag. 

Here are the vital things we've considered and incorporated into our nappy backpack and tote bag:

  1. Lightweight – We know as parents you will definitely overpack (just in case!). So we've made our nappy backpack and tote bag lightweight to reduce the load.
  2. Size – Whoever came up with the saying ‘travel light, travel far’ clearly had never traveled with a baby. Our nappy bags are big enough to hold everything a baby needs in addition to all of your necessities.
  3. Pockets – We've got pockets galore in our nappy bags so it's easy for you to organise all your stuff in the bag. And have we mentioned that in addition to the built-in pockets, you also get you get 3 detachable pouches?
    Angel Maternity Nappy Tote Bag
  4. Change mat  To save the hassle, all of our nappy bags come with a change mat that fits perfectly into the bag once you're done with it.
  5. Durability – When you have kids, you'll always have the nappy bag with you so be prepared for your nappy bag to cop a beating. No matter how pristine you try to keep it, there will be moments in parenting where things happen outside your control (think food/milk/juice/vomit stains)! Our nappy bags are waterproof and can be easily cleaned.
  6. Style – Sounds obvious, but choose a style that you like. You’ll be using this bag a lot more and for a lot longer than you think. A classic tote bag or backpack is a great option as they leave your hands free. Our nappy bags are gender neutral so both mum and dad can use it!
    Angel Maternity Nappy Backpack
  7. Where to hang - In addition to the use of the nappy bag, we've taken into consideration where parents place their nappy bags on their prams/strollers. Both nappy backpack and tote bag can be easily hung from a hook on the pram. No hook? Well then, use the adjustable strap that comes with the nappy backpack to hang it from your pram handle. 
  8. Price - We wanted our nappy backpack and tote bag to be affordable. We know some mums have purchased both bags - one as the main nappy bag, and one for emergency/dad nappy bag.

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