Not many people are aware of the benefits of reversible clothing, particularly for maternity and breastfeeding. Here's a list as to the reasons why you need to invest in our reversible and multi-functional dresses and skirts! 

1. Choose your design 

All our reversible styles have been created with a single block colour on 1 side and a beautiful pattern on the other. Match your outfit to your 

1. Value for Money  

Purchasing Angel Maternity reversible clothing pieces ensures you get more for your money. With our reversible styles, you get your favourite dress or skirt in 2 designs, allowing you to mix up your outfits to match your day's style. 

2. Avoid Same Dress Disaster

Turning up to your new mother's group in the same dress as someone else is always a little awkward.  You can easily avoid this situation with a unique reversible piece that can be transformed into a different look in seconds. Just do a quick flip of your dress and you’ve got a whole other look. 

3. Spillage 

Split something down yourself? Don't worry, a quick visit to the nearest toilets, turn your dress / skirt inside out and boom - immaculate again. 

4. Quality Construction

As reversible clothing need to be able to be worn inside out without loosing shape, they are made with the highest quality soft stretch materials. 

5. Less Laundry

Having an item of clothing that offers many different looks means you will have less items to wash, which means lower bills and it’s good for the environment.

Finally - all our clothes at Angel are designed by mums for mums-to-be & new mums. This means that they are built purely for pregnancy and breastfeeding, so they stretch where they need to, offer discreet coverage when required and are all soft on your skin. 


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