Along with the big decisions like which bassinet, pram, cot or car seat you are going to buy is which nappy bag is right for you.

Here are five vital things to consider:

  1. Lightweight – You’ll be filling your nappy bag with stuff. Lots of stuff. As general rule of thumb, the old ‘wallet, phone, keys’ checklist will be vastly extended to include nappies, wipes, barrier cream, change mat, plastic or biodegradable bags, hand sanitiser, bottles, breastmilk / formula, water bottles, dummies, bibs, hats / beanies,  sunscreen, spare clothes, nursing cover, nipple cream, snacks, tissues and toys – and that’s just for a causal trip to the supermarket. Having to lug so much stuff around means the last thing you need is a heavy bag to add to the weight. Look for something that is lightweight.
  2. Size – See above list. Whoever came up with the saying ‘travel light, travel far’ clearly had never travelled with a baby. Make sure you purchase a bag that is big enough to hold everything a baby needs in addition to all of your necessities.
  3. Pockets – Look for a bag that has plenty of pockets so you can organise your things as best you can and save time when retrieving each item.
  4. Durablity – Be prepared for your nappy bag to cop a beating. Although you may pride yourself on keeping your regular handbags in pristine condition, a nappy bag will endure something similar to a nuclear apocalypse. It is also likely to have multiple food / milk / juice / vomit stains to contend with, so look for something that is easily cleaned. So long suede, I’ll see you on the other side.
  5. Style – Sounds obvious, but choose a style that you like. You’ll be using this bag a lot more and for a lot longer than you think. There are so many styles around including totes, shoulder bags, satchels and backpacks. Think about which style will suit your lifestyle best and what colours will complement your wardrobe – and Dads! Most mums I know end up with a couple, if not more, nappy bags. A classic tote or back pack is a great option for days at the park as they leave your hands free. For parties and events, make a statement with bright, bold colour or a touch of sparkle. After all, a girl, particularly a mum, can never have enough bags!
Michelle Ruzzene