There are some amazing benefits to reversible maternity clothing

We've whittled it down to just the Top 6.

They are:

  1. Great Value: There’s nothing like getting two dresses, tops or skirts for the price of one.
  2. Go From Day to Night in a Flash: Go from daytime stripes at the office, park or playground straight to  stylish black for a dinner, party or function simply by turning your clothes inside out.
  3. Save on Washing: Having maternity items that offer different looks means you’ll have less items to wash.
  4. No Need for a Spare Dress: Once bub comes along, it will be a miracle if you make it past 9am without some kind of milk / vomit / poo stain on your clothes! Depending on how bad the ‘spill’ is, turn your clothes the other way before you head out the door – so long as the offending smell isn’t too strong.
  5. More Wardrobe Space: I don’t know ANYONE who has enough wardrobe space, apart from the women in The Real Housewives reality television series. Having two items in one is a great space-saver.
  6. Fashion Envy: The other mums-to-be will think you’ve spent a fortune on your maternity wardrobe and wonder how you continuously manage to turn up in new clothes! Little do they know…

Check out Angel Maternity’s reversible clothing range on Pinterest now.

Angel Maternity Autumn Essentials

Michelle Ruzzene