The mercury has dropped, baby.

But just because you’e dressing for two doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style or fork out a fortune. Stay cute and cozy with Angel Maternity’s Top 5 Essential Items for Pregnant Mums this winter.

  1. Maternity Jeans - An essential to every winter maternity wardrobe is a stylish, comfortable  pair of maternity jeans. Look for ones which have a  high, wide waist band that can be rolled up over your burgeoning belly, keeping it covered and warm. Otherwise look for ones that have elasticised panels on the side for room to grow. Check out our extensive range of maternity jeans here.
  2. Maternity Leggings - Pregnancy is the best reason to live in leggings - especially in winter. Look for a pair that has good quality stretch and a high waist band to cover your bump. Black leggings can be dressed up or down throughout your pregnancy depending on the occasion and a are a serious maternity winter must-have. Shop our must-have winter leggings here.
  3. The Maternity Belly Band - Make the most out of your existing pre-pregnancy wardrobe with a good quality belly band. The band is designed to cover your undone buttons and zippers on your favourite pants and jeans, while giving your bump extra support. Best of all, it adds a layer of comfort and keeps your tummy and back warm. They usually come in black, white and nude like the Angel Maternity ones found here, so it looks like you’re wearing a top underneath or you can’t see it at all. Look for ones made out of quality material with good stretch. A good belly band is seriously worth their weight in gold.
  4. Long Sleeve Tops - To get the most bang for your buck, look for maternity tops that are also breastfeeding friendly. Ones that have a petal front, like these ones here, are great as they allow room for your growing belly and allow to discrete nursing access. Wrap style tops that have a deep V-neck are also great to show off your new found  breasts when you’re pregnant and for breastfeeding once bub is here. The same rules apply for dresses - invest in ones that are both maternity and breastfeeding friendly.
  5. A Nursing Wrap - A stylish nursing wrap is great throughout your entire pregnancy especially during winter. Angel Maternity’s wool blend wrap, found here, features four small buttons so it can be worn in a variety of ways. Use a wrap as a scarf to dress your bump when you’re pregnant and keep warm, then use it as a  flattering cover-up to feed your baby in cozy discretion. Wear it casual with jeans as poncho or as a stylish accessory with a nice dress. The options are endless with a great nursing wrap. 
Michelle Ruzzene