When it comes to choosing what to wear during pregnancy, remember you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.

However, each trimester definitely comes with its own unique wardrobe challenges!

Here is the Angel Maternity guide on how to best dress for each trimester.

First Trimester: 

Some people like to announce their pregnancy the minute they find out, usually around the six or eight week mark, but lots of people like to keep their pregnancy under wraps until they have reached at least the 12-week mark or they’re  into their second trimester. The challenge here is dressing ‘normally’, particularly in a work environment and keeping your exciting news under wraps.  During this stage you may put on a couple of kilograms and look more like you’ve been raiding the donuts than growing a human! It’s best to avoid anything too tight or clingy, particularly around the stomach area. Although you many not be showing, you can feel bloated. Stick with relaxed shirts or tops, tunics, A-line shirts and wrap dresses. At this point it’s great to invest in a belly band for your pants and skirts that still fit everywhere else but are getting tight around  the waist. It allows you to have your bottoms unbuttoned or unzipped without showing everyone your underwear or plumber’s crack. You can generally get away with your regular wardrobe items and won’t really need to start wearing  maternity clothes until your second trimester. Check out Angel Maternity's great range of belly support items that will help extend your wardrobe as much as possible during these first 12 weeks and beyond.

Second trimester:

By now you actually start to LOOK pregnant and it’s an exciting time to start showing off your cute bump. You don’t have to blow the budget on a whole new wardrobe but it’s important to invest in some key items that will see you right through to delivery day. A good pair of stretchy black leggings are a must, as they can be dressed up or down and are comfortable as hell. Look for maternity leggings that have a thick, foldable waist band that can be pulled up over your bump or rolled down, depending on what is more comfortable and how long or short your tops are. Maternity jeans are also a wardrobe staple as they too can be dressed up for work and a night out on the mocktails or worn causally on weekends. Tops that have ruching or gathers on the side will accommodate your blossoming bump. A couple of dresses are also a great addition to your maternity wardrobe repertoire. Wrap dresses or Empire-waisted dresses (ones that come in under the bust) are great as they allow enough room for your belly to grow. A V-neck will also make the most of your growing bust. Make sure you pick up some quality, comfortable  maternity bras and undies. They’ll be worth their weight in gold. Check out Angel Maternity's great range of maternity jeans and leggings here.

Third trimester: 

Dressing in the third trimester isn’t too dissimilar from the second trimester - it’s just that  your cute bump has now grown into the size of a watermelon! Leggings, tunics and Empire-waisted maxis are staples - in fact, you’ll probably be living in your leggings by this stage. Your feet might be swollen so it’s a good idea to pack the stilettos away and pull out the flats.  Sleep might become a bit of a challenge so it’s crucial you have some comfortable maternity sleepwear - look for nighties or sets that allow breastfeeding access once bub has arrived. It’s a good idea to think about a birthing gown to wear during delivery and to pick up some breastfeeding singlets and tops for once you arrive home with your gorgeous new addition. Recovery wear or shape wear including leggings, shorts and belly wraps are great for giving your body some extra support when you are home. Check out Angel Maternity's hand-picked range of Birthing Essentials here. We also have a HUGE range of nursing clothing here for once bub has arrived.