M2O Recovery Compression Sock - Pink/ Black


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The M2O’s scientifically designed graduated compression recovery sock is the perfect aid during pregnancy.

These socks are the most effective way to help prevent fluid retention or swelling in the feet and ankles, while M2O’s unique anti-inflammatory band provides a firm support at the foot and ankle where it’s needed most. They also alleviate pain from tried and achy legs, while helping prevent development of spider or varicose veins often associated with pregnancy.

Clinical studies have shown that graduated compression socks are beneficial and should be a perfect aid in relieving symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency during pregnancy and the post-partum period.

As a pregnancy advances, the body needs to produce hormones that make tissues and ligaments relax, so that, later on, the baby can pass through the birth canal. These hormones also affect leg veins they cause the vein wall muscles to unwind. This makes the vein naturally expand, which augments the risk of them becoming varicose.

“In the later stages of pregnancy, the uterus’ size enlarges. Consequently, the heavier uterus tends to push on the veins in the pelvis and limit the blood flow from the legs. This escalates the pressure on the leg veins and aggravates any failing valves.”

it’s a fairly serious concern for pregnant women. Aside from being unsightly and uncomfortable, varicose veins can lead to more severe problems, including phlebitis and skin damage.

While it’s not advised for women to have their varicose veins surgically treated during pregnancy (it can put the baby at risk), expectant mothers should not ignore their varicose veins which is where compression socks enter the scene.

Compression socks help ease the discomfort and swelling of varicose veins and might help prevent future problems.

You will be very pleasantly surprised how good your legs feel and how comfortable the M2O socks are you might find you want to keep using compression well after your pregnancy.

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